Speaker Information


Hey there! Super excited that you're all about to embark on your journey. I've provided some general travel information on another page over here, but I've also laid out some more speaker specific information for you to have a look at.

Please bookmark this page for future references whilst you're at the conference


For those of you which have accomodation organised by Playgrounds. You will be staying at:

Bella Apartments
250 City Rd, Southbank VIC 3006
+61 (3) 9667 0466

Check-in is at 2pm, but you may check in earlier if the apartments are ready. Please say you're checking in under "Playgrounds" and they will show you to your room. If you have any problems please ask for Stacy, she's aware of your arrival and should be able to sort it out, otherwise contact me (details below).

If you need to kill some time before you check in, we recommend checking out either Dead Man Espresso or St. Ali for some brunch, both places are a short walk from Bella Apartments.

Getting to your accomodation

Once the SkyBus drops you off at Southern Cross Station, you can simply walk to the apartments. On foot, it's about 0.81 miles and mostly downhill. The walk should take you roughly 17 minutes and you get to walk over the river and by the conference venue along the way. Here's a Google Maps link detailing the directions.

Your Talk


    • AV checks are at 7:30am on whichever day you're speaking.
    • There's a speaker green room at the venue for you to prepare your talks in private.
    • The green room has a projector feed displaying what's currently happening in the theatre. 
    • We ask that you be in the green room 30 minutes before your talk.
    • One of our MCs will come and get you and ask you some questions about yourself so they can give you a good introduction.
    • The green room will also have a volunteer stationed there to assist you if you need anything. They've been asked to refrain from bothering you whilst you prepare for you talk. Please let me know if they're being disruptive and I'll swap them out with someone else.

    Talks and Stage

    • We aim for all talks to be within 20-25 minutes in length, which allows an extra 5 minutes for the MCs to introduce the following speaker.
    • You will have a feed monitor on stage which allows you to walk up and down the stage and see your notes.
    • Microphones will be hands free "Madonna mic".
    • You will have a remote controlling the slides.
    • Video connection is done via HDMI, but we will also have a USB-C adaptor on hand for you early adopters.
    • The theatre is able to play sound from your slides
    • Projector is 16x9 ratio.
    • The room has no natural sunlight.
    • Avoid using copyrighted material beyond "sampling" wherever possible.
    • Avoid using slides that require an internet connection if possible.

    Speaker Access

    • After your talk, there won't be any public Q&As. Instead, you will be led into the Speaker Access room so that attendees can follow up with you on your talk. Some people may bring their MacBooks along with them, so be prepared to do some light coding.
    • Speaker Access room is only available when another speaker is on stage. If your talk is in a timeslot that preceeds the lunch or afternoon tea break, we ask that you go into the room after the break when the next speaker is on. We don't want you missing out on meals.
    • We ask that you remain in the Speaker Access room for the full 30 minutes. even if the room is empty or people leave before the time is up. You never know, there might be a late-comer to the room and we want to make sure they have the chance to sit down with you.


    • We ask that you upload a .pdf of your slides to the Dropbox as well as SpeakerDeck so we can publish them online as soon as possible.
    • Talks will be released online for free by Skilled.io, which are also the duo that organise Swift Summit.
    • Skilled has asked that speakers provide two dot-point takeaways for talks, which will be displayed on their website and newsletter.
    • Before we can publish your talks, we do have some legalities to take care of first. On the day, we will ask you sign an agreement where you give us permission to record and release your talks. If you don’t want your talk published, that’s fine too, just let us know.

    Social Events

    As you know, we have a bunch of social events around the conference. I've created a spreadsheet of attendance based upon the information you gave to me when filling out the speaker form. Please double check the spreadsheet and let me know if there are any changes to your schedule so that I may update the numbers and any bookings we may have.

    Wednesday Night

    CODE Screening
    Hosted by Outware at 6pm
    View website

    Saturday Wildlife Tour

    • Pickup is 11am at Bella Apartments (Address above).
    • Drive to the sanctuary is roughly 1 hour each way.
    • We will be at the sanctuary for around 2 hours, however we can stay longer if the majority wants.
    • Yes, you will be petting a koala and taking photos with them. 🐨

    Saturday Night Speaker Dinner

    180 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

    • We're meeting 7:30pm.
    • Banquet menu. Plenty of food, be prepared for food-coma immediately afterwards.
    • Private room.
    • Beers, wines and spirits refreshments.
    • Food allergies and dietary requirements have been passed on to the restaurant. We will reiterate allergies to waitstaff on the night.

    When you filled out your speaker form, you noted your dietary requirements and food allergies. We ask that you please check the information I have passed onto the venue is correct. If I have missed something, please let me know as soon as possible.

    Contact Details

    If you need to contact me, please feel free to do so at any time.

    Phone: +61 421 523 454
    iCloud/iMessage/Facetime: me@andyyhope.com (Preferred)
    Email: hello@playgroundscon.com
    Slack: Notifications are always on