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Putting Together The Best CI Workflow For Swift Apps

Dennis Pilarinos, buddybuild

A Swift developer's time is valuable. Ideally, it should be spent crafting an application that their users will love -  not focused on the tedious tasks involved in setting up and maintaining infrastructure. Two years ago, in the process of building an iOS app, a couple of friends realized that they were spending more time fighting with their build and deployment system than actually building their app. They put that iOS project on hold to try and build a better CI / CD platform for mobile developers. 

Today, buddybuild provides the platform that thousands of mobile teams use to build apps that their users love. Its continuous integration, continuous delivery and user insight platform streamlines the process of building mobile apps. It also eliminates the friction development teams often face when involving their end users as part of their development workflow.

This talk will dive into what's involved in designing, building, scaling and operating one of the most popular CI/CD platforms for mobile developers. We'll also share some the best practices and trends we've gathered in the process.

After this talk, the audience will be equipped with of a set of best practices to improve their Swift development, and some fun stories of building and operating a high scale, highly available distributed build system.

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