Do you have a talk that you want to share with everyone? Ever wanted to speak at a conference? Want to get better at public speaking? Now's your chance.

To finish off the event, Playgrounds is hosting a round of lightning talks for the attendees, by the attendees. We want to give you the chance to shine like a diamond and share your topic with the rest of Playgrounds. 

Here's the format:

  • These lightning talks are meant to be casual and fun, we ask that speakers and attendees treat them as such. Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • If you're not well experienced with public speaking, we don't mind. We just want you to have fun and give it a shot. By the end of your talk, you will hopefully be prepared enough for when you're presenting at a future WWDC keynote.
  • Each talk will last a maximum of five minutes. When the time limit is reached, you will be clapped off stage regardless of whether you finished your talk. Once again, these are meant to be treated light-heartedly.
  • Live coding in a five minute window is incredibly brave, please make sure you have appeased the almighty Live Demo Gods in some way, shape or form prior to the event.
  • All lightning speakers must abide by the Code of Conduct. Please familiarise yourself with it when applying and working on your talk.
  • Questions and answers will be conducted immediately after, at the after-party.


All lightning speakers will receive a Playgrounds Gift Pack consisting of:

  • Reveal license
  • AppCode license
  • GitHub subscription (one year)
  • Limited edition Playgrounds T-shirt
  • Rockstar-Ninja status amongst your peers
  • High-fives and down-lows at the after-party
  • A commemorative Playgrounds medal. Yes, a medal...

Submissions close midnight Sunday, 5th of February
To submit a presentation, you must be a current ticket holder